Australian Flautist, Alyse Faith

“Alyse captured the character and sound world of each distinctive piece in her virtuosic rendition.”

“An intelligent interpretation of the ingenuity & variety of Schubert’s variations demonstrated the technical skill & musicality of her playing…”

YOUNG ARTIST RECITAL: FLUTES IN TUSCANY 2019, a review in Flutes in Tuscany Journal 2019.

“Alyse captivated the audience… an effortless performance creating suspense and drama.”

Ferroud’s Bergère Captive was mercurial and rhapsodic…”

The Flautist: Official Journal of the Victorian Flute Guild Inc. Vol. 49 No. 4. Nov. 2018.

“Alyse executed the sweeping melodies of Martinů’s neoclassicist sonata with precision and grace, displaying great artistry in changing characters throughout the piece.”

— 3MBS The Talent, Review of Ep. 2. Oct. 2016.

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Photography on website by Rory McLeod.