Ian Potter Cultural Trust Grant Award


The Trustees of the Ian Potter Cultural Trust have awarded a generous grant towards my Master of Arts in Performance degree at the Royal Academy of Music, London, UK. 🎉🎶

I was thrilled to find out this news and I am sincerely grateful to The Ian Potter Cultural Trust for this grant to help support my studies at the Royal Academy of Music for my second year of my Masters degree during 2019-20.

The Ian Potter Cultural Trust aims to promote a vibrant, diverse arts sector in Australia and encourage the pursuit of excellence. Through support for talented emerging artists, the Trust’s grants reward commitment and passion, and support promising Australian artists to develop their skills and achieve their potential.

International professional development opportunities allow emerging or early-career artists to gain experience, develop networks and learn skills from the world’s best. The Trust believes these experiences are invaluable for the individual artists and for the ongoing development sector as a whole.


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